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Our Range of Services

  • CNC turning-milling (5 axes)
  • Eroding
  • Prototyping and batches
  • Precision parts for optical waveguide, medical engineering
  • Incidentals and mini-parts
  • Sub-assemblies, assembly, all-in solutions, service
  • Non-standard materials (Inconell, machined ceramics etc.)
  • Welding assemblies

Our Service

  • Planning and manufacturing under one roof using the latest technologies
  • Highly qualified and skilled staff
  • Support and comprehensive consulting
  • Use of highly qualitative materials with the required certificates and material stamps
  • Advising on possible materials and their design calculation
  • Proposal prepared as a rule on the date of enquiry
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Thanks to our advanced manufacturing technologies, most of our customers are at home in innovative industry segments (electronics, medical technology, X-ray technology, glass handling, optical waveguide technology, mechanical engineering).

Who we are

We specialize in manufacturing and installing complex component and standard parts of metal and plastics on CNC turning and milling machines.

All work & services we provide are subject to our QM system; we work on the basis of DIN/ISO 9001-2015 adfb made in germany



Buchenstraße 6
15378 Herzfelde

Thomas Genentz (GF)
Roman Gronostay (GF)

Phone: 033434 - 80930
Fax: 033434 - 80931
E-Mail: info@adfb.de

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Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

offer within 24 hours
Thomas Genentz
Email: genentz@adfb.de

Advice and Service

Producing turning and milling parts in metal, plastic, graphite and ceramic.

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