Machine list

Our deployable technology - as of 01/2021


  • 1x 5-axis machining centre HAAS TRT100
  • 6x machining centre HAAS VF2 (x/y/z 750 x 400 x 400), 4 axes
  • 5 x machining centre HAAS MiniMill (x/y/z 400 x 350 x 300), 3 axes
  • 3 x machining centre SuperMiniMill (x/y/z 400 x 350 x 300), 3 axes
  • 1 x machining centre HAAS TM3 (x/y/z 1050 x 500 x 500), 3 axes
  • 1 x machining centre HAAS TM2 x/y/z 1050 x 350 x 300), 4 axes
  • · 1 x MAHO 800E (x/y/z 800 x 400 x 400)

Turning [CNC]

  • DOOSAN 310 SMLY - Ø 200 x 700mm, with counter spindle + powered tools + Y axis
  • DOOSAN S400 - Ø 400mm
  • DOOSAN S280 - Ø 280mm with powered tools + Y axis
  • Takisawa LM-150M turning centre with powered tools
  • 3 x precision automatic lathes Spinner SB-CNC with SAMECA bar feeder (18 or 32 mm passage)
  • CNC turning centre ROMI M420 up to a 1000 mm centre distance
  • CNC turning centre ROMI M580 up to a 2000 mm centre distance
  • Automatic lathe Scherer-Feinbau PM1-CNC

Digital measurement

  • FARO index arm measurement range up to 750mm edge length, accuracy 5µm, with DELCAM software for examination of 3D-CAD model based free-forming surfaces

Laser inscription on practically all materials

  • Customized laser inscription with ultra-modern laser inscription machine, also for batch parts with serial No., graphics (e.g. company logo), a max. 110x110mm

Turning [conventional manufacturing]

  • 2x precision lathe Schaublin 125/F
  • Lathe E3N (Ø 250 x 500mm)
  • Poreba lathe (Ø 600 x 2000mm)

Milling [conventional manufacturing]

  • Milling machine Ruhla VRB 2241 (x/y/z/ 600 x 450 x 400)
  • Milling machine Ruhla 58 Duplex
  • Milling machine TOS 425

Deep drawing / Vacuum deep-drawing

  • Machine for deep drawing plastic parts up to approx. 300x x300x300mm external deviation

CNC cut

  • CNC automatic band saw KASTO TWIN A3 - Ø 300 cuts in all materials


Instruments for roughness testing

Instruments for hardness testing

Various digital height gauges

Who we are

We specialize in manufacturing and installing complex component and standard parts of metal and plastics on CNC turning and milling machines.

All work & services we provide are subject to our QM system; we work on the basis of DIN/ISO 9001-2015 adfb made in germany



Buchenstraße 6
15378 Herzfelde

Thomas Genentz (GF)
Roman Gronostay (GF)

Phone: 033434 - 80930
Fax: 033434 - 80931

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Producing turning and milling parts in metal, plastic, graphite and ceramic.

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